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Ergo Group offers a wide range of cabling and installation services including the detailed design and construction of:

Electrical Installations

- Estimating, design and project management

- LV Power systems

- Lighting Design and installation

- Uninterruptable Power Supplies

- Service and maintenance services across NSW

High Voltage Substations

- Level 3 design

- Level 1 ASP works

- Level 2 ASP works

- Civil Works

- HV Sub station and overhead installations

Communication Networks

- Design and installation of structured cabling networks

- Optical Fibre systems

- WI-Fi systems

- Telephone systems

- Communication Room Design and installation

Automated Lighting Control

- Design and installation

- Organic Lighting control

- Integration with AV systems

- Bluetooth controlled lighting systems

- Energy saving designs

Audio Visual Systems

- Design and installation

- Projectors and screens

- Sound systems

- Sound and recording studios

- PA systems

Security Systems

- Design and installation

- Intercoms

- Access Control


- Intruder and duress alarms

Dry Fire Systems

- Automatic fire detection systems

- Fire Indicating panels

- Evacuation alarm systems

- Fire sealing

- Certification